Role of Community in Fostering Positive Health Outcomes

Learn How Your Community Can Work Together to Become Healthier

An individuals choices are not the only determinant of their health. The community we live in is a huge factor, as well. A safe environment, close community connections, healthy options, and other community features all play a role in health outcomes. We believe that it is possible to work together to create stronger communities that promote health and combat Environment Responsive Cognitive Disorders (ERCDs).

Community Connections

Strong ties to family and friends are instrumental in lessening the symptoms of mental illnesses such as depression and PTSD. The A Safe Environment   Physical and mental safety both play a role in every individuals health outcomes. Communities with lower rates of crime are less likely to have residents who suffer from crime-related PTSD. Safety may also include protection from environmental toxins, which have been Healthy Options Those who live in communities which have more healthy options than others will be able to make better decisions to protect their brain health and mental health. Access to high quality grocery stores is a classic example. A nutrient-rich diet can help prevent stroke, dementia, high blood pressure, diabetes, and vascular health problems as well as mental illnesses such as depression.   Other community health options can help motivate community members to exercise. getting the Healthy Minds Institute involved in your community.   Author(s): Team Sherzai M.D.