About Healthy Minds Initiative

Healthy Minds Initiative (HMI) is a non-profit that is committed to powering the global brain vitality revolution.

HMI is a bulwark against environment responsive cognitive diseases and supports communities with the knowledge, structure, funding, and resources needed to combat and prevent these terrible diseases.

“Through HMI, communities can organize and accelerate their journey toward optimal brain and body vitality – regardless of age or physical capabilities.”

Our Story & History

Sick Care begins and ends in clinics and hospitals. Health education is top-down and not always presented in terms people understand. Enormous amounts of time and money are spent treating the symptoms of disease rather than preventing it in the first place. Patients come into the clinics suffering and leave with expensive medical bills and prescriptions. Instructions are sent home – several pages thick at times – and patients are expected to comprehend and follow them. Most doctors remain largely disconnected from what is happening in patient’s homes and communities.

Health Care is prevention. It is a lifelong practice that doesn’t end when the patient leaves the clinic. It empowers people to make lifestyle changes that have a lasting physical and mental benefit. It goes beyond the individual and involves entire communities and cultures. It is wholistic and considers diet, exercise, support structures, stressors and mental states.

Doctors Dean and Ayesha Sherzai created Healthy Minds Initiative in response to the helplessness they felt working at clinics, within the frameworks of traditional “sick care”. After watching all the latest drugs and treatments fail to stop dementia, Dean and Ayesha set out to discover a better preventative approach.

Starting with local faith based groups and community centers, Dean and Ayesha began to investigate how communities could be empowered to make healthy lifestyle changes. They delved into the research on wholistic approaches and practiced them in their own daily lives. They looked at how technology could play a role in outreach, habit forming and intervention.

Dean and Ayesha found that involving the community through the entire process – from investigation, to research, to intervention – empowered people to make significant lifestyle changes. Ultimately, these changes can significantly reduce diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, strokes and dementia.

Through HMI’s technology-driven and community-based approach, Dean and Ayesha continue to mobilize communities, fund new research, and spread the message that prevention IS possible.

We accomplish our mission with


Through our research and extensive collective medical backgrounds, we work to demystify the steps to achieving long-term brain health and the prevention of devastating diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia.


Most people don’t understand brain health is in their hands. We host local workshops in community centers, churches — places where members of the community are known to congregate — to arm people with knowledge to improve brain health.


We involve local community leaders across all industries – government, civic, business, faith – and equip them with the best strategies to approach brain health education and implementation for their communities.

Our Team

Dr. Dean Sherzai

Chief Operating officer(MD, PhD, MPH, MAS)

Dr. Dean Sherzai is a neurologist, scientist, author, and the co-director of Brain Health and Alzheimer’s Prevention Program at Loma Linda University.

Ayesha Zahir Sherzai

Chief Executive Officer(MD MAS)

Dr. Ayesha Zahir Sherzai is a neurologist, scientist, chef, and a published author. She trained in neurology and preventive medicine at Loma Linda University

Dr. Atif Adam

chief development officer

Dr. Atif Adam is a systems scientist focusing on health disparities and developing tools to make healthcare more accessible to at-risk populations.

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