Alzheimer’s, Bill Gates, and the Search for a Cure

    According to Gates and the researchers hes worked with, there are three areas we need to focus on in order to address these impediments:  
  • Increasing awareness among patients
  • Developing better diagnostics
  • Raising awareness of clinical trials, plus encouraging patients and doctors to be more open toward participating
    As Neurologists and founders of our non-profit, Healthy Minds Initiative – we couldnt agree more.

Alzheimer’s Prevention

    This is why our message of prevention is so important.
United in The Fight Against Alzheimer’s  
It is great to have someone like Mr. Gates powering the search for a cure and working alongside researchers as we explore every avenue available to us. We need people with his commitment and conviction in this fight and it is important that we attack Alzheimers from every angle, be it genetic, pharmacological, or lifestyle focused.  
We look forward to reading the findings of Mr. Gates and his team, were all in this together and a comprehensive approach will be the key to cracking this mystery.    

Author(s): Dean Sherzai MD, PhD (c), MPH, MAS