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A non-profit organization leading positive brain health transformation in communities around the world.


Brain health in faith-based communities

Healthy Minds Initiative (HMI) have partnered with faith-based organization Crenshaw Christian Center (CCC) on one of the most important and innovative brain health research programs in the United States.

The next free HMI × CCC event is on Saturday September 16, 2023.

How we accomplish our mission

Healthy Minds Initiative enables enhanced research, fundraising, and outreach in communities around the world.


Through our research and extensive collective medical backgrounds, we work to demystify the steps to achieving long-term brain health and the prevention of devastating diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia.


Most people don’t understand brain health is in their hands. We host local workshops in community centers, churches — places where members of the community are known to congregate — to arm people with knowledge to improve brain health.


We involve local community leaders across all industries – government, civic, business, faith – and equip them with the best strategies to approach brain health education and implementation for their communities.

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