How to raise money for a good cause (and have fun doing it!)

Join the brain health revolution

  The response to the launch of the new Healthy Minds Initiative website has been amazing. Were excited to see so many people joining the mailing lists, donating, and asking how they can get involved in the brain health revolution.  
Below are a handful of ways you can help support the Healthy Minds Initiative AND have fun in the process!

Use your passions

Do you like running? What about kayaking, skateboarding, bicycling or rock climbing? Pick your favorite activity and design a challenge around it. Get some friends to join you in your endeavor as well. Raise awareness around town and online, find some sponsors who are willing to contribute toward your cause should you meet your goals.

Marathons, races and challenges are a great way to raise money. You can unite your community around a good cause, raise awareness, and collect funding for crucial brain health research!

Throw a party

What better excuse to throw a party? Pick your favorite charitable cause and organize a party to support it. Whether you get together to watch a sporting event, have an exotic tea tasting, or have a holiday themed party, you can charge an entry fee that goes toward your chosen project.  
You could also run raffles and give party goers a chance to win an item in exchange for an additional donation.

Host a tournament

Organize a tournament around one of your hobbies. It could be a poker tournament, a video game tournament or a sporting event. Whatever it is you enjoy, you can charge an entry fee that goes toward your chosen charity or non-profit. Supply a prize or homemade trophy for the winner(s) and promote your event within your community. You can even design an entire league around it and make it a regular thing!

Trade your skills or knowledge

What is your talent? What are you good at? Offer your community some workshops or lessons in exchange for supporting the cause you choose. Everyone wins. You get to share some knowledge and teach others, while raising money for a good cause. Have a cooking class, dance class, tuba lessons – whatever youre good at and able to teach others.

Most importantly, have fun and unite!

Dementia, mental illness, and other disorders of the brain can be truly devastating to communities. Whatever project or cause youre looking to support, nothing is more optimistic and powerful than a community that is united together for a common cause. You wont just be raising funds – youll be strengthening bonds with friends, meeting new allies and raising awareness in the process.

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