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2021 Q4 fundraising

Donations to Healthy Minds Initiative enable us to:

Collect and analyze data

Initiate and sustain research initiatives

Expand outreach and education projects

Develop new protocols and interventions

Share results and case studies across our network

Leverage technology to automate tasks, scale the organization, and keep overhead costs low

Healthy Minds Initiative is built around an innovative approach to prevention that allows us to fight diseases and disorders of the brain at a local, national and global level.

We start at a local level and determine what specific issues each community faces. By continuing to expand our outreach and data sets, we begin to learn the variables that make each community unique. This informs the preventative approach needed for the exact issues plaguing these communities.

Next, we involve the community during the research and interventional stages. Community participation is crucial throughout the project in order to affect positive and lasting behavioural change.

Case studies are then created, results are evaluated, and data is shared across our vast and growing research network.

The final step in the process is to translate the science into practical, actionable items. Here we use technology to disseminate this knowledge across new communities.

By scaling our web platform and investing in new outreach initiatives we are able to put our results in the spotlight and drive the brain health revolution forward – all while maintaining low overhead operating costs and offering increasingly detailed transparency.